About Me

About me…where to start? I am a mother to 2 beautiful daughters and married to my best friend. I love to sit down with a good book. I’m a runner (not the fastest!) but I enjoy it. I have run 6 marathons and hope to do many more. I love football and the Green Bay Packers. I like to cook and love having friends over. I am completely content sitting on a dock (with my good book) in Northern Wisconsin. I like to golf. I like to fish. I like Facebook and probably spend too much time there. And I LOVE taking pictures. I know that most photographers say that, and like most photographers, it’s true! I love stopping time, even briefly, with a picture. Capturing a look, a laugh, and emotion.

My Dad is the one who got me interested in photography when I was young. He always had a camera with him and took pictures of my siblings and I all the time. He had a way of looking at something that most people wouldn’t think anything of and bringing it to life in a picture. I love that I have followed in his footsteps and hope that I can bring others the same joy from pictures that he did.

I love capturing the little moments in my family’s life, and want to capture those moments with others. Life moves along so fast, but if I can catch a moment, an expression, a connection, and love, then I can give you something that you will cherish forever. That’s my goal and that is why I love what I am doing!

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